My writing includes a range of scientific articles, academic fellowships, organizational and training resources, and special interest stories.

If you are looking for research collaborators, I am skilled with microphysics, WRF modeling, hurricanes, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. I am Institutional Review Board Certified and skilled with personal interviews.

As a diverse individual with a nontraditional background, I use writing and storytelling as a method of navigating STEM barriers. I regularly mentor other underserved individuals in STEM, supporting their graduate school personal statements, scholarship and fellowship essays, CV/resume writing, and more.

My almost 15 years of business ownership and 6 years of leading a global team have equipped me with a variety of skills, including designing and producing marketing materials, program and curriculum development, organizational best practices and strategic planning, and general resources. You can learn more about this work at diversitylearningsolutions.com.

Some of my favorite work has been bringing visibility to underserved STEM individuals, whose voices and faces matter! You may view an example here. If you would like to share your personal story, I’d love to support you. Reach out to k.ryder.fox(at)gmail.com.

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