About Me

I am an atmospheric physicist, wrapping up my second year of PhD studies at the University of Miami, RSMAS. Beyond coding, my wife and I enjoy goofing off with our pups and traveling. This evolving website will include a variety of my research, funding opportunities, and various Diversity in STEM resources.


I completed my Bachelor of Science in Physics with an Atmospheric Focus at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech) in 2018. During my freshman year, I began research with my advisor, Dr. Sharon Sessions, who was gracious to teach me the ways of computational science. I had the honor of studying a number of phenomena during my time at Tech, including gravity waves, radiative convective equilibrium, convective downdraft behavior, and the balanced dynamics of the Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO).


I wasn’t always a physicist. In fact, it’s still hard for me to believe!

Far from science, I spent my youth in a family of science deniers who restricted all access to traditional education. Making my own way in my late teens, I became a news videographer at an affiliate television station. My career in television spanned four markets in four different states, and sent me all over the western hemisphere. I had the opportunity to meet people from every conceivable walk of life and cannot value enough the ways that career experience broadened my perspectives. Working in news also meant many long hours spent covering severe weather, ranging from tornadoes and blizzards to hurricanes and floods. Beginning an undergraduate degree in my thirties and starting from zero in academia, I knew that I wanted to pair the theoretical aspects of my scientific education with the intuition I developed out in the field.

Today, my nonlinear academic trajectory, though rich with its own struggles, has rewarding benefits that play out in my research, activism, and relationships. I can’t say that I would have it any other way!

My resume is available here. For a list of publications and presentations, click here.

Odds and Ends

My background has imbued me with particular passions, including equal access to education and information, like severe weather forecasts, as well as improving the experiences of underserved people in STEM. As a result, this (still developing!) website will share both scientific research and resources as well as activism within my LGBTQ+ community.