Crisis Resources

As a grassroots effort, THRIVE Lifeline provides crisis response services to all individuals in need. We began as a COVID-19 response effort, and have since registered as a nonprofit in order to build this vital resource for our intersecting communities.

THRIVE Lifeline:

A Crisis Hotline staffed by LGBTQIA+ individuals in STEM

If you’re experiencing a mental health crisis and need to chat with a qualified LGBTQIA+ crisis counselor, please text us from anywhere at: +1 (313) 662-8209.  

We are experienced suicide interveners and able to support you during times of acute mental health experiences. We also support individuals who are navigating less acute needs, such as identity, orientation, or barriers to academic and professional entry. We are here to support your whole-self and we’re happy to help you during these troubling times. We offer judgement-free, confidential text messaging to individuals 18+.

Currently our text line is staffed entirely by volunteers who will be available most times throughout the day to respond to crisis situations. While we’d love to offer full 24/7/365 support, during this time, we have a limited number of volunteers who are qualified for mental health crisis intervention. Therefore, we may not have someone available to respond immediately to your texts, but we will always check in with you. Thank you in advance for your understanding. 

If you need alternate support, I recommend the following options:
  • Trevor Project (LGBTQIA+ young people, under 25): 1-866-488-7386, live call; Text START to 678678.
  • Crisis Text Line (all individuals): Text HOME to 741741; text only.
  • Trans Lifeline: 877-565-8860, live call (US); 877-330-6366, live call (Canada)

If you are interested in supporting these efforts as a volunteer,

Apply as a Volunteer by visiting:

We are currently seeking:

Crisis Responders (10): Crisis Responders answer text messages from individuals in crisis who reach out to THRIVE Lifeline. A Crisis Responder may (1) deescalate a crisis, (2) connect an individual with a qualified suicide intervener, or (3) support questions around identity, background, or orientation for individuals who are seeking support and understanding.

*Please note: This life-saving and life-affirming work requires a commitment of time and education that is not required of our general volunteers. We require that individuals who apply to be Crisis Responders commit to 20 hours of training, a single 3-hour shift per week (once training is completed), and one year of work with our team.

Resource Manager (1): This volunteer will manage the vetting and addition of new resources to the THRIVE Lifeline database. Resources are requested in 40% of our text interactions.

Web Media Manager (1): This volunteer will manage THRIVE Lifeline’s social media presence.

Training Assistant (6): These volunteers will practice crisis text interactions with individuals in our training cohorts. In order to simplify their roles, Training Assistants will only be responsible for a single scenario that they manage repeatedly with individuals in training cohorts. We will schedule our trainee practice interactions during hours of Training Assistant availability. Training interactions should last approximately 40 – 60 minutes, depending on the scripted scenario. We are currently planning for training cohorts of 3-5 with the intention of supporting 1:1 development as we continue to improve our training practices. Mentors and trainers will conduct feedback with the trainees based off of the transcript produced during the training interaction.

Outreach (2): These volunteers will assist with outreach, sharing this crisis resource and broadening the impact of THRIVE Lifeline. 

If you are interested in supporting these efforts Financially

Please consider contributing via: